Line Holdal

Nutritional Therapist, dietary supervisor and fitness instructor

Nutritional Therapist, dietary supervisor and fitness instructor

After several years of illness and use of medications, I wanted to see if it was possible to eat healthier. I started to remove sugar from my diet, and cut down on my intake of bread, pasta, rice and processed foods. I quickly noticed an improvement, and that motivated me to further restructuring. I also began to study nutrition.

Now, 10 years later, I am a dietary supervisor and nutritional therapist, run my own business and am an eager blogger on lilalife.no. I stay away from sugar and am so happy that Sukrin and SukrinMelis exist. They are perfect alternatives to sugar that I recommend to everyone. I use Sukrin every day, and just a moment ago I enjoyed one of the highlights of my day; an espresso with cream and Sukrin.

I am also very pleased with the other products I have tested from Funksjonell Mat. The new low carb bread was a big hit in my family, and today’s lunch is two slices of the bread with ham and eggs. Simple and good!  I use the almond flour for baking, breading and to make marzipan. Products from Funksjonell Mat are perfect for my motto: better health -naturally!