Sondre Nordstad Moen

Long-distance runner

Long-distance runner

I am a seriously focused long distance runner, giving it all to become one of the world’s top runners in both 5000 and 10 000-meters. One of my main goals is to qualify for the international finals in both the World Championships and the Olympics.

As an athlete, what you eat really matter. You always perform better if you give your body the right nutrients, and pure, unprocessed food is and will always be the best! After a period with gluten free food, I found that I became more energized and that the stomach worked better at training. Almond flour is therefore an excellent ingredient to add in baking to boost the nutritional value. The high content of protein and fiber keeps you full longer and your blood sugar more stable.

White, refined sugar is something the body can do fine without, even for us athletes. The energy to perform in training and competitions can easily be obtained from complex carbohydrate sources that also contribute fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As a replacement for sugar, I recommend Sukrin as a sweetener in food because it is better for your teeth and do not have the adverse effects on the body that refined sugar has.

I use products from Funksjonell Mat AS because they make it easier to prepare good, nutritious food. The products make it possible to compose a good balanced meal without missing any ingredients. They help my body restore itself after a training session, and more quickly get ready for the next exercise. In addition, I feel the good effects of a stable blood sugar throughout the day, which helps me to have less need for “in between meals” during the day. A steady blood sugar level is a key to maintain a stable body weight.