Sukrin Sweetness

The Sukrin range of all-natural alternatives to sugar are wonderfully free from calories and carbohydrates with all of the aroma, sweetness and flavour of regular sugars, with none of the aftertaste found in some sweeteners.


Fibre Syrup 

Low Calorie Syrup, only 5g of Sugar per 100g

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Fibre Syrup 450g


About Fibre Syrup

Fibre Syrup – The healthier and natural alternative to syrups

Would you like to reduce your sugar intake and at the same time avoid artificial sweeteners? Fibre Syrup is a perfect alternative.

    • 70 g fibre and only 5 g of sugars per 100g
    • A healthy substitute for syrup and honey
    • Perfect in homemade bars


Sweetness with less Calories and Carbohydrates

Finally a healthy syrup! FiberSirup is a sweet syrup made with beneficial prebiotic fibre that both tastes good and does good for the entire body. It is made of a plant fiber called isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO syrup). We call it FiberSirup


Perfect in baking

FiberSirup Clear is a versatile baking ingredient that can be used both as a sweetener and to give your cookies and biscuits a soft centre and make them crispy on the outside. FiberSirup Clear works especially well as an amazing ingredient in home-baked bars, as it provides sweetness, a perfectly smooth consistency and a good source of fibre. Sweetness ratio 1:1.

Natural Origin

FiberSirup Gold has a small amount of malt extract and stevia added, has a darker colour and a fuller sweet taste. FiberSirup Gold is a healthier alternative to honey and syrup, and is ideal on pancakes, ice cream and desserts, just as sweet as regular syrup.



Nutritional information compared to alternative products




How is Fibre Sirup made?

FiberSirup is manufactured in a natural process, using starch as raw material. Enzymes are added, breaking the starch into shorter chain lengths and converting the linkages into a type that the human body cannot easily digest. (While human intestinal enzymes readily digest α(1,4)-glycosidic bonds found in regular starch, the α(1,6)-linkages in FiberSirup are not easily hydrolyzed and are digestion-resistant). This means that FiberSirup functions as a dietary fibre, feeding the good bacteria in your gut. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, and FiberSirup is considered a natural product.



There´s a Sukrin All-Natural Sweetener alternative for every occasion. Sukrin Gold, Icing, Granulated and Plus, why not give them a try?  Sweetness has come a long way.


Sukrin Granulated

Alternative to
granulated sugar

  • just like granulated sugar
  • same sweet taste as sugar
  • use to make jams and marmalades
  • 0 GI, 0kcal
  • 0 carbs
  • suitable for diabetics

Sukrin Gold

Natural alternative to
brown sugar

  • alternative to brown sugar
  • same sweetness as brown sugar
  • for cooking, baking and drinks
  • low GI, low cal
  • 0 carbs
  • suitable for diabetics

Sukrin Icing

Powdered alternative to Icing Sugar

  • alternative to icing sugar
  • just as sweet as icing sugar
  • for icings, sweetening cream, macarons
  • 0 GI, 0kcal
  • 0 carbs
  • suitable for diabetics

Sukrin Plus

Alternative to sugar
with stevia

  • sweetened with stevia
  • twice-as-sweet as sugar
  • for cooking, baking and drinks
  • 0GI, 0kcal
  • 0 carbs
  • suitable for diabetics