We are pleased to announce that seven great Sukrin products are now available to purchase from Ocado. Now you can order your favourite Sukrin items with your weekly shop, and have them delivered to your door.

All of our zero carb, zero calorie healthy sugar alternatives are available: Sukrin Gold, our all-natural alternative to brown sugar, Sukrin Icing, which can replace icing sugar in your recipes, Sukrin Plus, twice as sweet, and Sukrin Granulated, our alternative to granulated and caster sugar. Why not try them all!

Ocado are also stocking our Free-From Bread Mix, which is not only brilliant for making wheat and gluten-free bread but wonderful as a free-from base for pizza, garlic bread, focaccia, scones and more.

You´ll find our Free-From cake mix too, low-carb, sugar, wheat, gluten and egg-free, and delicious! Use as it is or as a base to make your favourite free-from cakes, cupcakes and muffins.

Sukrin Almond flour is available too, lower in fat than regular ground almonds and perfect for all kinds of gluten-free and paleo cooking, baking and for using as a delicious and healthy protein supplement.