It's Time To Get #SugarSmart!

Change4Life and Public Health England (PHE) have created a free ‘Sugar Smart’ app to help shoppers discover exactly how much sugar is in the food and drink we fill our trolleys with. The initiative has been launched in an effort to tackle sugar-related health problems and help parents monitor their children’s sugar consumption after it was found that most four-to-ten year olds consumer 22kg of sugar a year - that’s equivalent to the weight of an average five year old.

The PHE sugar campaign was launched following the release of their ‘Sugar Reduction - The evidence for action’ report, which supports a 10-20% tax on certain sugary food and drinks.

With 75,000 products in the Sugar Smart database, simply scan a barcode using the app to find out the product's equivalent sugar cube content - you might be surprised at how high in sugar certain ‘health foods’ actually are!

Visit the Change4Life website for tips, vouchers and recipes and to download their Sugar Smart app.