5 Protein-Packed Breakfast Ideas That Aren't Eggs

Stomach rumbling by mid-morning? Including a good source of protein first thing will help keep you fuller for longer and provide slow-releasing energy  throughout the morning. Whilst eggs are a great high protein option, there are plenty of other ways you can supercharge your first meal of the day. 

Here are 5 tasty breakfast ideas guaranteed to keep you full until lunch - without a yolk in sight!

Dairy-Free Chocolate Smoothie

When breakfast this healthy tastes just like dessert, you know you're in for a good day. 

Recipe here.

Sugar-Free Raw Protein Bites

In a rush first thing? Whip up a batch of these energy balls at the beginning of the week and grab a few on your way out the door.

Recipe here.

Flourless Almond Bread

Grill and top with smashed avocado and chilli flakes for a super satisfying breakfast.

Recipe here.

Sugar-Free Granola

Far tastier and healthier than the packaged kind. Mix with plain yoghurt for a sweet option that's low in sugar. 

Recipe here.

Gluten & Sugar-Free Banana Bread 

Although this recipe technically does contain eggs, it tastes just as delicious using a flax or chia egg. Top with nut butter and more banana for a delicious breakfast you'll crave everyday! 

Recipe here.