Sukrin Milk Chocolate 40g


Sukrin Milk Chocolate 40g

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Sukrin Swiss Chocolate - Milk Chocolate

Sukrin have created two new healthier, low-carb, low-calorie chocolate bars: milk chocolate and milk chocolate with almonds and sea salt. Each 40g bar is only 160kcal (milk) or 170kcal (almond and sea salt) and has only 4 grams of carbohydrateSweetened with Sukrin all-natural zero carb and zero calorie sweetener and stevia plant extract, Sukrin chocolate is rich, delicious, and smooth tasting.

Sweeteners : erythritol (Sukrin), cocoa butter, inulin, milk powder, cocoa mass, vanilla, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, sweetener: steviol glycosides

Origin: Switzerland
Shelf life: 18 months
Packet: 40g

  • Sweetened with Sukrin Granulated and stevia,
  • Only 160 Kcal per bar
  • Gorgeous chocolate flavour, Great Taste
  • Nothing artificial

Diet conforming:
Diabetic, Coeliac

Lifestyle conforming:
Vegetarian, no added sugar, Low-Carb, 5:2, LCHF, Ketogenic

Beneficial Nutrition:
No added sugar, 20g fibre and 10g carbs