The Sukrin range of all-natural alternatives to sugar are wonderfully free from calories and carbohydrates with all of the aroma, sweetness and flavour of regular sugars, with none of aftertaste found in sweeteners.

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Sukrin Granulated

Sukrin Granulated All-natural Zero Calorie Wholesome Sweetener alternative to Sugar


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The All-Natural better alternative

Sukrin granulated – The healthy and natural alternative to sugar

Would you like to reduce your sugar intake and at the same time avoid artificial sweeteners? Sukrin granulated is a perfect alternative.

    • Perfect in cooking and baking
    • An all-natural granulated sweetener
    • 0 GI, 0 calories, 0 carbs

Sweetness without calories and carbohydrates

Sukrin granulated is an all-natural sugar substitute with zero calories. Sukrin granulated does not contain any carbohydrates that can be absorbed by the body, and is perfectly suited for diabetics and those on a low-carb diet.


No increase in blood sugar levels - zero GI

Studies show that sukrin granulated does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels in the body. This means that sukrin granulated can be safely used by diabetics. By combining sukrin granulated with sukrin Fibrefine and sukrin almond flour you can decrease the impact of your food on blood sugar levels even more.



100% safe and natural

Many people would like to limit their sugar consumption, but are concerned about the safety of artificial sweeteners. Sukrin granulated is a 100% natural product with no additives, based on the sugar alcohol Erythritol. Erythritol occurs naturally in pears, melons and mushrooms.



Calories and Glycemic Index of sukrin granulated compared to other sweeteners:


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