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Sugar free Recipes

Sukrin Sugar Free low carb, low calorie recipes.

By replacing some or all of the sugar in your recipes with one of our range of great tasting alternatives to sugar, it’s easy to massively reduce the carbohydrate content and still make great tasting food. Delicious in drinks, cooking and baking, there is a Sukrin alternative for most recipes which call for sugar. Try a Sukrin all-natural alternative to sugar today and enjoy the benefits!!

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Sukrin products work with many common diets.


With GI less than one, naturally free from calories, carbohydrates and gluten, Sukrin alternatives to sugar are perfect for those who follow a low carb diet, and safe for diabetics and candida sufferers too. 

All our products are made with non-GMO ingredients and contain no artificial colours, additives or preservatives.

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